Well I hope it’s down hill from now. This 30 Challenge of clean eating has definitely been a challenge.  Wouldn’t you know it, EVERY weekend so far there has been an event of some sort that I needed to attend for one reason or another.  And of course, what do we Americans do best? We entertain with food and beverages and desserts!!!  Holy Cow!!!  But, so far so good!!!!! And next weekend ….. Octoberfest!!  4 out of 4 weekends!!

The lesson here is, there is never a perfect time to start eating healthy.  There will always be something to celebrate or an event to attend. If you wait until the perfect time to start eating healthy, well you will continue to wait and wait and wait.    What I tell my clients all the time is – birthdays, anniversaries, special events and holidays come around every year. So you better get used to how you can celebrate temporarily and then get back on a healthy eating regime!  There is no need for dieting if your habits around food are good habits. There is no need for dieting if your habits around food are healthy.  There is no need for dieting if you make healthy eating a part of your daily healthy lifestyle.  When you decide to do this, there will be no need for excuses or reasons to start and stop diets or any other multitude of quick fix options to “lose weight”.

This eating plan that we are experiencing,  is to kickstart ourselves into a healthier lifestyle that we can maintain on most days of the year. The 30 days is to heal our guts from the poor food choices that have brought our bodies out of balance.  The 30 days is to overcome bad habits and addictions around sugar and other foods.  The 30 days is to develop increased awareness about how our bodies feel when they are healthy so we know what healthy feels like. And the 30 days is help us realize and accept that Celebrations are just that,  celebrations – a one time deal.  They are not a ticket to splurge and binge through winter all the way into spring.

We continue to enjoy our yummy meals:

wh30 Sliders Portobello Bun copy

Grass fed beef burgers with heirloom tomatoes
on Portobello mushroom bun, sweet potato medallions,
roasted artichoke and asparagus.

wh30 pork chops applesauce roasted sweet potatoes and carrots

Pork Chops and spiced apple sauce,
roasted sweet potatoes and roasted
rainbow carrots over fresh greens.

wh30 filet mignon asparagus sweet potato fries

Treat Night!!!  Barbecue filet mignon with
barbecue asparagus, homemade sweet potato fries,
sliced heirloom tomatoes and avocado.

Bon Appetite!