So, I promised you stories and here is the first!  Katie volunteered to join us on this journey, a bit hesitant at first, but upon making the commitment Katie was ALL in, no matter what it took. Katie, not only changed what she was putting in her mouth, she also continued working very hard in keeping up with her exercise, including working with her trainer a minimum of twice per week. Supporting Katie on this journey brought many rewards, big and small!!

katie wh30 pic2 b4after katie wh30 pic 1

Katie Before                  Katie After                     Katie with Trainer Kelly Doyle.

Here is her account of her journey:

“When I first heard about the Whole 30, I was like great another “fad” diet for me to try and fail at.  Skeptical at first I started to do my research and realized Whole 30 wasn’t a diet at all, but a lifestyle change. I watched a few documentaries about sugar and how it is literally holding our society hostage and killing our children.  The Whole 30 is about ridding our bodies of addiction to this sugar and eliminating other elements in our diet that are inflaming our bodies.

Ok, so on to my journey…..

I started my Whole 30 journey as I do any venture in life with passion, determination and excitement.  I did lots of research and read many testimonials from people who had completed the challenge.  The one thing I promised myself was NO expectations so I wouldn’t be set-up for disappointment.  I was blessed to have not one but two amazing women guiding me through the process and supporting me through every up and down. The first 3 days were interesting because my body was literally going through classic clinical withdrawal symptoms.  I was nauseous and had the shakes. Had headaches and zero appetite.  Then I woke up on the fourth day with a new sense of clarity and renewed feeling of energy.  I had slept so soundly the night before which was a huge difference from my usual nightly tossing and turning.  Another change I noticed was my energy and overall level fatigue or lack there of.  For the first time in a very long time I woke up energized and ready to take on the day.  My usual morning routine involved me chugging copious amounts of caffeine to even open my eyes.  By day 6,7,8 I was jumping up out of bed 20 minutes before my alarm even sounded!!  By the second week my mind was clear and my body was bloated…. Wait, did she say bloated… Yes, I was bloated because my body was purging itself of 30 years of chemically processed food and unhealthy eating habits.  The bloating subsided by day 17 and a new side effect appeared, I no longer yearned for something sweet after every savory meal.  Fruits that were naturally sweet tasted over powering to my taste buds and I was literally gagging on the extra saliva my mouth secreted after biting into a super sweet grape or piece of melon.

The key part to Whole 30 was also trusting in the process and in that trust you must NOT weigh yourself for the entire period.  Yes, of course I “accidentally” weighed myself via a mouthy nurse at my doctor’s office who announced my weight at a visit during my third week, but that minor slip up only reaffirmed that the Whole 30 was working and kept me striving ever upwards with my eating and Whole 30 lifestyle.

My emotional state was all over the place throughout the entire process.  I laughed, cried, screamed, and flipped out at people.  Some days were harder than others and some days flew by in the blink of an eye.  Good choices became great habits and life around me began to settle down.  I knew everyday what I would be eating for breakfast, lunch and dinner and small gains like not eating the cookies brought in to my work became huge personal victories.  By day 20 I had a complete sense of calmness and control about me.  I was centered in my thoughts and in my actions and began to literally feel the pounds falling off, as my skinny jeans were way to big. I have never, in my adult life, owned a belt and for the first time I actually had to go out and buy a belt to keep my pants up. Another item I had to purchase was new underwear. My old underwear that was formally held up my sugar pouch of a belly literally slipped to my knees one day as I stood up from my desk! That my friend is a VICTORY!!!!

I experienced many victories during my 30-days but the 3 key things I took with me on day thirty were:

1)    I am worthy of being healthy and filling my body with good for me foods that promote my health and well-being.

2)    I can make a lifestyle change and stick with it even with the Naysayers and doubters surrounding me.

3)    I have a choice as to what I put in my body and am well aware of the consequences of those choices.

On day thirty I stepped on the scale to see the real victory FOURTEEN POUNDS down and as many as I wanted to go!!! I love myself, my body, and my outlook on life, but there is a part of me that is still very sad. I am sad for the people around me who continue to poison themselves with the sugar loaded, chemically processed material some call food. At the end of the day it is not about the weight loss or numbers on the scale its about my soul and who I am as a person fueled by what I eat.” Katie Willadsen, October 2015.

Congrats Katie! Your hard work paid off and is continuing to pay off!!!! Katie has chosen to continue her healthy eating regime… it has become a part of her daily life!!