WE DID IT!!!!!! 30 Days Bam!!!  Congratulations to the 11 friends and clients who successfully completed the Entire 30 Days.  Some of whom have decided to continue. I am currently on Day 32!!  What began as a cleanse and healing process for the body has turned into new ways of selecting food, preparing food and eating food and MOST IMPORTANTLY feeling GREAT!!!

The successes that we’ve seen in the past 30 days have got me really excited.  I am so proud of everyone that took this challenge seriously and persevered through the 30 days.

Every person who completed the 30 days reported many positive changes, and what also came was an added bonus for every person – weight loss.  Unfortunately, we all get too focused on the scale and what the silly number says to us.  We cannot get away from it!  What means more to me is how these people feel and how they are living their lives differently because of this challenge. More importantly, I am interested in the healthier decisions that are coming as each person moves into their typical lifestyle.  What they all have said to me, is that they will definitely change a few things when it comes to food selection.  This is the BEST news for me! That is a true measurement of success!!!

What did we see?? This is beautiful!!!!!  Lots of weight loss!  Our biggest loser was Katie with 14.5 pounds!  The average weight loss in this group was 7.5 pounds!!!!!!
What’s more:

Sleeping more soundly
Have more and consistent energy throughout the day
Experience more control over food
Significantly less cravings for sugar and snacks
Clear and bright skin
Focus and concentration has improved
Experiencing more self confidence
Moods are brighter and more consistent

I will be featuring some of our Success Stories over the next few days.  Additionally, I had approximately 12 more clients begin this journey on October 1, with two Washington Clients and one San Diegan, who began Sept. 28… 15 more on this journey of health!!!!

Contact me if you are interested in getting more information.  I offer nutritional counseling, planning and support.  Call me!

I cannot leave you without some good food pics!! Yes we continue to eat VERY WELL!!!

Wasabi Chicken Gems Potatoes

Wasabi Grilled Chicken, Grilled Sweet Gems,
Roasted Potatoes and Artichoke

Cauliflower steaks sausage roasted carrots

Roasted Cauliflower Steak, Sweet and Hot Italian
Sausage, Roasted Multi-colored Carrots and more
Artichokes!  Yummy this time of year!

Scrambled egg shitaki sausage

Egg scramble with sweet apple sausage, fresh
avocado, tomato, and strawberries.


Drinks!! Unsweetened Almond Milk for tea, coffee,
and cooking.  And Waters Galore!!

WE DID IT!!!!!!!