When you think of working out if you haven’t included balance training in your exercise routine, I recommend you consider it.

Here are 5 reasons to incorporate balance training into your fitness program:

  1. Benefits your neuromuscular coordination – helping improve communication between your brain and muscles, neuromuscular system.
  2. Focus on muscle isolation and strength – during balance training you are forced to engage individual muscles predominantly smaller muscle groups, (stabilizer muscles) which discourages recruitment of surrounding muscles which allows for “cheating”.
  3. Increases calorie expenditure – During balance training your body has to work that much harder to stabilize – in turn this helps you to burn more calories.
  4. Increases hip stabilization – with single leg type balance exercises your gluteus medius is engaged. Hip weakness is key factor in hip injury associated with falls.
  5. Increases core stabilization – which is foundation for balance and leads to improve your coordination, athletic skill, and posture.

 How to add balance training to your workout:

Complete as many exercises using a Bosu Ball. ( Half Ball)

Standing on one foot while completing upper body exercises

One legged balancing

Heel toe walking forward and backward.