Philosophy and Lifestyle

Debbie’s active lifestyle has been a way of life. She has always been and continues to be as active and health conscious as possible. After graduating from San Diego State University with a Master’s in Science, she spent many years working with people with disabilities in the area of rehabilitation and community integration.   After raising her two children she decided her love of health and fitness would make both a natural and exciting choice of career.

An extremely successful and respected personal trainer, Debbie Serban has trained a variety of clients from competing in their first Half Marathons to rehabilitating from Breast Cancer. Debbie’s training style brings the athlete alive in all of her clients.  If you are an athlete who has “taken a break”, she will reignite that fire within you to bring about the change you are looking for.  If you have never worked out, you can be sure you will receive a personally designed program that meets your needs and takes into account your hesitancy, nervousness or trepidation.

Debbie is known for her creativity and ability to generate new and exciting workout programs tailored for every individual.  Her goal is to help clients achieve a healthy lifestyle while avoiding the pitfalls of monotony or risk of injury.  Her detail-oriented “hands on” method may requires food diaries of her clients to reveal the slip-ups made in daily consumption.  Always going above and beyond in every approach, Debbie often talks with clients about grocery shopping to educate them on the healthiest choices from which they can create their own easy to follow meals.

Debbie has studied human movement and exercise science and nutrition extensively for eight years with hundreds of hours of practical experience. She takes pride in training her clients in the most safe, effective ways possible. Debbie is also an expert in retraining clients from injury or illness and has had many clients who have returned to fully active lifestyle following hip replacement, knee replacement, cancer, an a variety of surgeries and sports injuries. She is an expert in reducing body fat and has had several clients with over 70 pound weigh loss success stories.

Debbie’s dedication and passion are unparalleled. Her strive to continually improve and stay abreast of the most up-to-date health and fitness advances sets her apart from others in her field.  A trainer who is proud of and motivated by her wide variety of clients.


Debbie holds a Master’s of Science Degree in Rehabilitation and a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Therapeutic Recreation.  She is a Certified Recreation Therapist. Her personal Training Certification is through the world renown American College of Sports Medicine. Additionally she has completed ACSM’s program to support cancer survivors – Cancer Fitness Trainer. Debbie has added to her education and knowledge a variety certifications:

  • IOGKF Second Degree Black Belt
  • Spinning Instructor MaddDogg Athletics
  • Keiser Cycle Instructor
  • GTS Instructor, Certified Bosu Instructor,
  • TRX Instructor, Certified Kenesis Instructor
  • Parkour Fitness Trainer
  • CPR/First Aide, AED Certified
  • Grossmont College Adjunct Instructor