Happy New Year and here’s to a plentiful 2016!!


     As some of you know, just over a month ago, I lost my HERO, my dad.    He was my mentor, my friend, my biggest fan and one of the most loving men I know.  He was very proud of each of his children and encouraged us to go for our dreams and never take no for an answer.  He encouraged us from a very young age, to write down our goals, to be clear about where we were headed in life. And, if we remained focused, we would reach our goals.  He did caution us that sometimes what we think we are headed for looks very different when we get there. He taught us that when that happens, it simply means it’s time to take a short break and reevaluate, and then keep moving forward.  This year, I will keep in mind my dads loving words and continuous encouragement. “If you want something Scooter, go get it.  Go get it with the most enthusiasm you can muster, because if you don’t someone else will! Make your dreams a reality.  And don”t ever believe the nay-sayers. I love you very much but that won’t get you far. You have to believe in yourself!”

Today starts Day 1 of the Whole 30 eating plan.  We are back on it.  Many of you are joining me again for the next 30 days of cleansing and healing our bodies and minds of the crazy foods we’ve been surrounded with and have given in to over the holidays.  Today marks the beginning of the year and of a year of healthier choices.

Resolutions are so cliche but they do have their purpose.  What too many of us do, is we create a list of “hopes” for the new year.  We may even go as far as to write them down. But for sure, we talk about them.  We race into action on about 3-4 of them and “plan to” head the rest off in about 2 weeks. And then week 52 zooms past us, AGAIN, and here we sit, creating more “hopes” rather than actions.

My recommendation to you this year is to try something different.  How about taking on ONE action item at a time.  Write down 3-4 things you would like to change or accomplish this year.  Write down 5-6 if you are the ambitious type.  But promise yourself this one thing… promise yourself to tackle just one per month.  Just one!

By focusing on only one goal/one action item, you increase your odds of actually accomplishing the goal.  Why? Because you only have one thing to aim at, one thing to plan for, one thing to work on in your already busy schedule. Then come February 1, you add one more action item.  At this pace, you are much more likely to be successful and meet your goals for 2016.

So, for January, it is Whole 30 eating plan. That’s it for me. 30 Days of Clean eating.  February 1, will be goal number 2 TBA.  Many Blessings all!!

If you are new to Whole 30 go to www.whole30.com for lots of great information.
Or contact me for coaching and mentoring.