You are committed, you are in. All the groceries are purchased and the recipes sitting all over the kitchen table and counters…. and here comes the WEEKEND!  Last week was great.  You completed your menu to perfection.  New recipes tasted great.  You even found some short cuts for this weeks meals. But the weekend!!!

How is it that we look forward to the weekend all week long but during a cleanse or a “reset” we somehow quickly realize that Monday through Friday schedule doesn’t seem so bad.  During the week we are so busy we have less time to think, to dream, to focus on food.  What is that all about??

The realization here is that food, surrounds everything we do. And we recognize that in clear focus when the weekend arrives.  From the time we wake up in the morning, to the settling in during the evening, food and drink permeates our lives.  And during a reset, we have the time and attention to focus on our relationships with food and the beverages that go along with our favorite foods.

We have all kinds of satisfying and sexy terms for justifying special foods:

Football Game Foods
World Series Foods
Girls Night Out Foods
Rainy Day Comfort Foods
Date Night Food
I’m Finally Alone with No Kids Foods
It’s Halloween!  My Favorite Candy!!!

Now is the time to really slow it down and ask yourself some tough questions….
What is it about the food that I need, must have or cannot live without?
What is it about the gathering of people that draws us into consuming foods we know make us feel good only temporarily?
What is it about consuming certain foods or beverages that bring us to feeling guilt?

These are the tough questions.  These are the questions that are easiest left unanswered because answering them will require action. And answering them means you likely will not consume the food you are craving and simply, ” cannot live without.”

Answering these questions gives you real answers to understanding the obstacles that have been sitting in front of you for likely years.  Lying in front of you are the answers to getting healthier.  The answers to developing new healthier relationships with food.  The answers to getting yourself to that place you picture in your mind.  That place you keep telling your best friend or personal trainer about.

I challenge you to take a closer look at these questions and to quietly and honestly answer at least one of them. Take that answer and commit to seeking the honest truth about what you can do about it. And then make that change in your life today.

After that, as my mom would say,  “pull up your boot straps and get through this. It’s not gonna kill you, you just think it will.”  Keep moving forward. The reset is tough but remember your gut is healing and your body is getting a well needed break from all that “comfort food”. Your body is healing and recovering.  We take recovery days from exercise to allow our muscles to repair and rebuild from the stress of exercise.  Food resets and healthy cleanses, DONE CORRECTLY, are repair and recovery for the gut.  And starving yourself is NOT healthy.  Be kind to yourself.  You can do this!! There is NO quick fixes to repair and recovery for mind, body or soul.  You must put in to it what you expect to get out of it.  This is your Ultimate Investment!!