Me and My Dad!

Well it’s that time again, resetting the mind and body for cleaner eating and feeling better.  It’s normal to find yourself “a drift” of the type of eating and exercising regime that you know makes you feet the best.  So when the sluggishness begins and the jeans feel a bit snug around the middle and the yoga pants design looks a little wider – you know it’s likely time to “reset” the eating plan and update the exercise routine.

This is not a time to beat ourselves up, or fill pages in our journal of excuses, or drown our sorrows in a bucket of ice cream or a bottle of wine.  It is simply a time to “reset” –  a time to be kind to ourselves and get back on track.  I like to see this as a bit of a “jaunt off the path”. It happens to all of us, this is life and we will continue to find ourselves sometimes closer to our goals and other times further away.  If we accept that these ebbs and flows are going to happen, it is easier to allow ourselves to reset and get back on track more easily and quickly.

The photo above is of me and my dad!  I lost my dad just one year ago.  Probably my BIGGEST challenge thus far in my life.  He was and still is my HERO.  Was this a challenge?  Was this hard? Did this experience lead me toward a less healthy direction?  Yes Yes  and Yes!  But this is life.

There was a phrase several years ago that was catchy for a time: “What Would Jesus Do?” WWJD?Remember those bumper stickers?   Whether you liked it or not, it made you think. It was designed as a sort of self check on our daily actions. Then I found the book, “What Would Buddha Do”. It was along the same line as WWJD it just included a wider populations, those who could not palette the J in WWJD.  But the message was still the same.

Today I use, WWDD?  “What Would Daddy Do?”  This has allowed me to check myself in many situations against the barometer of my wonderful father.  One of his messages was, “No excuses.”

See, we as humans LOVE excuses.   We have excuses for everything.  But why have an excuse?  Why not simply tell the story about your life and what has happened over the last 3-6-9-12 months that was exciting, difficult, challenging and then accept that it’s “my time”  to get back to living healthier.

It’s much more efficient.  You get to tell a great story.  You get friends and family to listen AND  then you get support and there you go – you are  moving toward healthier living.  So it is….

I challenge you to take a look at your life of exercise, wellness and fitness.  Assess where you are right now and see if it is time for a reset.  If so, what are you waiting for?  Create your own WW_D? And fill in the blank of someone who inspires you. Someone who you respect and look up to. Someone you aspire to become.  Who is your WW_D?

Then Let’s RESET!!!!!!

Whole30 – The Re-SET.  Stay Tuned!