On-Line Personal Training

This is a unique and effective program that give the client regular 1:1 personal training support at a distance.  The trainer client relationship is built on several formats using technology. Interviews and Trainer Talks are completed via phone sessions.  Individualized workout plans are designed and delivered via Facetime or Skype to insure the client understands the techniques and is performing the exercises correctly and safely.  The workout plan is available via PDF format so the client can follow the plan independently.  Sessions are completely weekly or biweekly.  All the aspects of 1:1 training are provided for the client via online rather than in person.  This type of training is a terrific option for those who travel often, those with busy schedules and cannot find time to go to the gym, are limited for whatever reason, close to their home, or for those who simply do not want to find a new trainer when they move away from the area.

6 Week Fall Prevention Program

This program is designed for anyone with a fall risk or balance issue.  The program design is based in the Otega Program out of New Zealand. This is a sound research based program that provides participants with a set of simple exercises that will improve balance and stability and ultimately reduce the risk of falling. The client meets twice per week for 6 weeks, and this training is typically provided in home.  Clients who have completed this program feel much more comfortable moving around in their typical environments.  Clients have used this program to improve strength and balance prior to traveling.  “This training allowed me to feel safe on the cobblestone streets of London.”

Re-strengthening after Chemo

It is a well know fact that when one must undergo Chemotherapy the results on the overall health of the body are significant.  There often is significant loss of strength and flexibility.  Overall mental health is typically taken a beating.  My experience working with clients post chemo has allowed me to understand the unique challenges that chemo can bring to regaining a health and personal fitness.  My certification as a Cancer Fitness Trainer has provided a sound education in this area to provide a safe and effective training environment.  Clients are often surprised at how well they do after theses sessions.  The sessions are individualized, I often work with communication with doctors and therapists when appropriate.  Clients find that these sessions assist them in getting back to the life they had to put on hold due to chemotherapy treatments.

Rehabilitation After Injury or Surgery

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Women’s Self Defense

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Parent Child Safety in Self Defense

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