We spend hours at work, at the office; we are Busy Busy Busy. We have expensive calendars and organizational programs. We use high tech apps and software to keep track of all our our events, meeting and tasks.  How many of you schedule in your calendar exercise time?

From my many years of experience, maybe 3% actually put exercise in their calendar.  Unless you work with a personal trainer, which I highly recommend of course, you will not find exercise in the typical exercisers weekly plan.  We fit it in here and there with great intentions, but it is a floating priority that can easily be replaced by “other” pressing events.

The lesson today is to WRITE IT DOWN.  Make it a priority every week for yourself and do not let others fill in that time!

While at work there are options. If you spend most of your waking hours at your place of employment, then it is likely that you need some support finding time to workout or you would not be reading this article.  Right?!!

Options during the workday:
Do you have an onsite gym?  USE IT!  Baby wipes go a long way for cleaning sweat to get you through your day.

Do you have a co-worker who needs to exercise as much as you do, or someone who inspires you or who you inspire?  Invite them to schedule workouts with you.  Being accountable to someone else significantly increases successful outcomes.

When working with a co-worker, share the responsibility of planning the workout. This brings fun and new challenges into your daily exercise.

Do you have a park close by?  Walk, jog or run to the park and use the playground equipment to do your workouts, improvise!!!  It’s fun!!

Give us a call and we would be happy to lead you and your team with worksite bootcamps to build camaraderie, teamwork and trust building as well as healthy lifestyles. What better way can you lead your work team toward success, better health, decreased absenteeism, lower healthcare costs, lower work comp injuries & decreased stress. Age and level does not matter!!!

What are you waiting for?  858-822-9201.