Spring is a time when we find ourselves excited about Shaping Up for summer!  The days are warmer and longer and the outside is calling to us. The questions I hear most from people are:
“How do I fit in a workout?”
“Do you realize that I am working full time and I have kids and there is just not enough time in the day for my workout?”
“How do I do it?”

I often ask these clients to sit with me and think about their day to day responsibilities.  When we look at their schedules for the week, there is no doubt that they are full, way FULL! But too often,  I see many hours filled with soccer, lacrosse, field hockey, volleyball, music lessons, tournaments, tutors, dance, tumbling and trampoline training, karate, ballet, all of these scheduled activities for the kids.  That’s great!  So what are you adults doing during those hours?  Taxi Driver I know it well, running errands, yes of course, making that important call – absolutely!  However, there is time for you to workout as well, if you schedule it in!

It takes some effort and planning, but finding time for your workout can be done.

At practices, games or tournaments:

  • Walk, run, or jog around the field or track during practice, warmups or between games
  • Use park benches and half walls to do pushups, tricep dips, step ups
  • Use long walkways for walking lunges
  • Use a small area for Jumping Jacks, squats, Jump Squats, pushups, and plank

You do not need a gym nor 2 hours to be efficient with your time. 20-30 minutes of high intensity training can equate to 2 hours of the typical “reps and sets” workout in the gym.

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