“I’ve been around gyms for several years before I decided to have a Personal Trainer.  Having nearly completed the Fitness Specialist Certification and having an avid interest in Fitness for many years, I was in a position to evaluate Personal Trainers.   Debbie Serban, stood out as working in a low key but effective manner with clients and upon further checking this evaluation was backed up by her Certifications.

I asked Deborah about taking Fitness Training from her but I wanted a coach versus a Personal Trainer, Debbie has surpassed my expectations, designing specific programs for me as well as encouraging me to move past what I thought were my limits.  I am 65 and more active and healthy than I ever thought I could be.

Having been working with her for over 2 years I see how Deborah excels over the other Personal Trainers and she is widely respected by the other Personal Trainers.

Probably the crowning achievement is that after probably a year of encouragement I was able to convince my wife to work with Deborah.  Understand that Margaret dislikes the gym and has had at least one unfavorable experience with a trainer.  Deborah comes to our home and miracle of miracles, my wife, Margaret, likes her.  Deborah again recognized that my wife needed two additional modalities Physical Therapy and Massage Therapy in addition to her Personal Training.  She understood the need to work together with other professionals and recommended two of the best.  The program is working beautifully after several months and most amazing is that my wife’s wellness is improving significantly.” ~ Richard Palmer – Age 73


I have been working out with Debbie’s for six years. This is to point out that it’s something I’m sticking with, unlike other gyms or exercise programs that I tried and had given up on.

Debbie motivates and pushes me to my own ability, which is usually beyond what “I” think I can accomplish. Under her guidance I have successfully lost over 40 pounds, despite knee surgeries and injuries. She always checks what, if any, injuries I may have and teaches me modifications for my workouts and exercises to help heal those injuries.

Having lost the weight and increased my muscle and endurance I am healthier and happier than I was 6 years ago. As a result I’m sure I’m a more productive in all aspects of my life, for me, for my child, and for my employer.

Oh and when I’m feeling stressed and overwhelmed, I’ve learned that a good workout always helps! – Sue Vergne


I was at a point in my life where it was time for a change to tackle my weight. I had tried almost every diet out there to lose the weight but couldn’t lose enough or keep it off. I needed that extra push and as a former athlete I knew that exercise had to be part of my plan. Yet I knew I couldn’t do it alone.

In the last 9 months I have reached two huge goals I’ve set for my journey … to reach 50 pounds lost and get below 200. And now I’m 13 pounds away from another goal and 42 pounds from my goal weight. I could not have done any of this without Debbie’s help.

Sure, a lot of people say, ‘any trainer can do that’. But there is so much more to it. Debbie takes the time to know each individual, learn what each person’s capabilities are and uses that knowledge to our benefit. And it’s not just the physical side she is in tune with. She gets to know the emotional and psychological side of what is going on and works that into our program. Body, mind and food….those are the things that she focuses on, the things that are the hardest for the chronic obese to tackle.  I am pushed each day I’m with her. A push that not only makes me stronger physically but has also made me stronger emotionally. I have confidence I haven’t had in years. Things I can only attribute to having Debbie there as my trainer.

It’s more than someone telling you to do squats, lunges and crunches. It’s a personal connection that you can’t make with just any trainer. An obese person that has taken the step to make a change has to find a connection with a trainer.  You want a trainer that is not only going to take you thru the journey but someone that will walk WITH you.  And you have to be able to be ok to come to training as your fat self and be ok with that trainer seeing the fat you, to see you struggle with those moves and not feel judged.  But instead, feel encouraged that you’ve made it through a session and to celebrate the little milestones.  That is what Debbie gives to each individual she works with.  I have seen several friends who train with Debbie and I have seen many of them tackle things that they wouldn’t have before.  From 5k races to climbing mountains to half and full marathons.  And it’s not just the in-session encouragement we get…it’s the cheering at the finish line, the climbing the mountain with you or running the last mile with you.  She has become a part of my life and I know I wouldn’t be where I am now if I didn’t have Debbie as my trainer.  ~  Kelli Walton, “Body by Debbie”